Friday, July 21, 2006

Dish TV now wants a discount on Star Bouqet - LOL

Earlier, TDSAT had favourably ordered Star TV to share its content & channels with Zee's Dish TV. Star TV agreed to the same but now Dish TV wants it at a 50% discount to the rates Star is quoting. Star has offered the same rates as it is currently offering its cable operators.

Zee's argumnet is, some years ago Star had voluntarily offrered a discount for Direct to Home operators. Zee is known for such issues, do I need to say more ?

Friday, July 14, 2006

TDSAT orders Start TV to Provide content to Dish TV

In a landmark judgement by TDSAT, Star TV was ordered to provide and share all the content to Dish TV without any bias of DTH or Cable. Insiders speculate that Star was unwilling to share the content with Dish TV owned by Zee Tele group. It is well known fact that Tata & Star are ina joint venture for DTH in India under the brand Tata-Sky. I will leave it upto the readers to guess who had an upper hand in this shady decision not to shae the content, Tata's or Star ;-)