Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tata Sky Video Recorder Unveiled

India's largest DTH Platform - Tata Sky just a while ago unveiled a Personal Video Recorder - PVR Hardware to its customers. Using PVR, customers can record upto 45 hours of video which can be viewed any time they wish to. PVR functions exactly liek your VHS / DVD Player for the content stored on the 160GB hardDisk. PVR will cost you an additiona Rs 9,000.

The best feture of this is, you can watch one channel and record on the other channel. So no more fighting with your spouse as one of you can get into the recording mode and let the other watch in peace :-) Like many hardworking and knowledgable Indian familes who work extended hours, you can program your PVR to record 2 channels simaltenously if the TV is not ON.

Service will be made available in 12 Tier-I Indian cities first and then rolled out on PAN India basis. This leaves Reliance Big TV DTH and Airtel Digital TV behind in the race :-)